Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting Started

There has always been a certain mystery for me when it comes to blogging.  I guess the best way to remove the mystery is to discover what it is all about. So....for my first blog ever I am jumping right in. I suspect it will take time for me to be comfortable with this venue, but here goes.

Although I will from time to time share a little about myself, I am blogging mostly to share my photography and to connect with other photographers as well as people who appreciate my work. I have an Etsy store that I own with my oldest daughter Yakira.  At the moment we feature my photography. Our store is new and Yakira will feature her wearable art in the very near future.

Please visit us at

My blog will feature some of my Etsy items, but quite frankly I would like those reading my blog to simply go to my store and see my fine art photographs listed for sale and hopefully make a purchase.

I belong to several teams on Etsy.  In a recent post, one of my POE (Photographers Of Etsy) teammates posted this question; "Why do you take pictures?"  My answer could have been simple," 'cause I love it", but as family and friends will tell you, I don't offer simple answers.  I responded with;  "My love of photography could be considered somewhat selfish. I love capturing the wonder of nature, a piece of history, and photographing “everyday “ objects or almost everything we take for granted, mostly for my own pleasure. It does not matter if the object of my interest is in my own back yard or found during my travels. 

The thrill for me is viewing the image and reliving the moment I took it. Of course there is always that little jump for joy when something is revealed that is extraordinary. You know, that OMG moment when you see something in the picture that would have gone unnoticed had you not captured it with the click of the shutter. 

I reproduce my images hoping to provide the viewer with a piece of art that conveys a message, a story, or just the sheer beauty of an object or scene. Like everyone here, I get charged up when someone else sees beauty in my work or admires a piece enough to purchase it."

So I begin with..... I am a Pisces who can't swim. I love, love, love being near the ocean. It brings me peace. I could spend the entire day on the beach photographing waves.  So for the moment I will share this little piece of who I am as I explore how to set up my own very first blog.  Until the next time, I will leave you with the following.