Monday, January 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

Did I mention I love taking pictures? I have always been somewhat of a shutterbug.  What I love now is the freedom digital photography brings to my creativity. So I have been combing through my photos just enjoying reliving the moment.

Naturally I could not help but notice I get hooked on a theme from time to time. Doors..........I have hundreds of pictures of doors.  What am I going to do with hundreds of pictures of doors you might ask?  Well.....I'm not sure.


Do I share my doors?  
  Will people find them as fascinating as I do?                                

Who walked through those doors?

   What is the history?

 I have not even opened the doors of Dublin yet.

 I'll save then for another time.


  1. There's something about pictures of doors! These are amazing!

  2. Thanks Viv. It is quite a challenge creating topics for a blog. Now I just need people to follow it.~ Ar