Monday, January 23, 2012

What's new?

I have been pretty busy for the past two weeks working on the sites where I have listed my photographs. But all work and no play   Just kidding.    I have actually been having fun re-sizing my photos and watermarking them, trying to deter people from copying them for their own use. (They are copyrighted.) Plus it is totally amazing watching my galleries take shape.

Last evening I started listing several  photos that I captured in Chicago.

I am going to use this blog to share some of the photos that are interesting (in my opinion), but did not make the cut. Chicago is such a great city.  There was a photo to capture around every corner.

Marilyn graces the windy city.


  I do have to celebrate my first  photo sale on Etsy.

 I sold an 11 X 14 of the Ferris Wheel at the navy Pier.                                                                                                                                                                           

So, back to work.

Oh, visit me at Society6.

I'll be back.

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